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How to get the necessary funds to open a new business

If your dream has always been to open a business, you can take advantage of the new funding opportunities that the Government has put into play in response to Covid-19. During this in-depth study, we explain how you can access the funds to open your new business sme marketing grant.

All the incentives to open new businesses from scratch, Opening and growing a business has a cost.  This is why you can obtain non-repayable loans and grants for the opening of your new business through Invitalia calls .

These incentives are very advantageous for your future business: non-repayable contributions are sums of money that are paid to you without the obligation to return. Funding grant , provide a quota that must not be reimbursed, because it is covered by the state and cover 80 to 100% of the expenses that you incur for your business.

We list the available concessions divided by sector:

  • New zero-rate companies provides you with subsidized loans and non-repayable grants to open a business in the industry, crafts and services sectors;
  • Companies helps your business based through grants ;
  • These allows you to obtain subsidized loans and non-repayable contributions to found a cultural / tourist company or a non-profit;

Smart and Start and Smart Money helps you to start a startup in any economic sector, through loans and grants. Textile, fashion and accessories allows you to create an innovative Made in business or project , with grants.

Company also has the Self- Employment Fund – covered by the State Youth Guarantee – which supports the creation of your business if you have been unemployed for many years.